Ads for Publication
Custom print-ready desktop publishing for magazines, newspapers, trade publications, etc, using professional Adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Coordinate with publisher for media kit specifications and design to your ideas and target audience for high quality full color and black-and-white ads. Can submit to any publication; past publications include Homes, numerous Homes & Land distributorsHarmon HomesAmerican NurserymanATA Sights Magazine (in-flight magazine), Orchids MagazineRanch & CountryThe Real Estate BookYellow Pages, local Caravan publications, Ranch Real Estate, numerous newspapers, chambers of commerce, etc. 

Full Color Magazine / Print Publications
Full Color, Multi Page, Folded Brochure with Insert for Vanuatu Office of Tourism
Black & White Ads (Newspapers, Caravan, Chambers, etc.)